Interferential currents are medium-frequency currents. Their application results in muscle contraction, analgesic effect, and improvement of nutritional processes in tissues.

Diadynamic currents are also called Bernard's currents based on a sine wave with a frequency of 50Hz. Due to the ease of generation of this current shape, they have been known almost from the beginning of electrotherapy, and their influence on the human body has been thoroughly studied.

Kotz' currents are used for muscle training. They are based on the average frequency current of 2.5 kHz with modulated amplitude

The essence of ionophoresis is the introduction of chemical compounds with therapeutic effects into the tissue by the use of a direct current

Galvanization is one of the electrotherapy treatments using a direct current. This therapy involves a forced current flow through the tissue. Electrodes are placed on the patient's body with the use of sterile, well-moistened pads.