Polaris HP high power laser therapy unit

In case of Low Level Laser Therapy power of single laser emission source is less than 500mW. This level of power does not allow for penetration of deeper tissues. There are technical sollutions able to irradiate that areas. They are high power lasers.

High power laser therapy – introduction

In the case of low level laser therapy, the tissue temperature rise does not exceed 0.5 ° C. High power laser therapy is not subjected to this limitation. When it comes to the high power lasers, thermal effect is one of the therapeutic agents.

At the same time such a large output power constitutes a risk of fire. High power laser equipment is classified to Class 4. This high class imposes the manufacturer to apply a large, distinct STOP button, which stops the laser emission unconditionally, which in this case means that even at the time when the software of the unit is performing other functions.

An example of a high power laser therapy unit is Polaris HP.

Polaris HP high power laser therapy unit
Polaris HP high power laser therapy unit

High power laser – wavelength ranges and their impact on the body

In high power laser therapy, the following wavelength ranges are the most common:

  • 808 nm
  • 940 nm
  • 970-980 nm
  • 1064 nm

Polaris HP unit may contain two emission sources with the wavelengths of 810 nm and 980 nm.

The selection of these values is associated with a desire to influence certain biophysical mechanisms that have a beneficial effect on the selected processes in the body. And so in the case of 810 nm, it gives a strong biostimulation effect. This wavelength range is strongly absorbed by cytochromes. 980 nm is strongly absorbed by water. Absorption in this case means the absorption of energy, accompanied by a strong thermal effect.


Penetration and absorption

High power laser therapy – biological effects

808 nm 980 nm
absorption by cytochromes in the mitochondria absorption by water molecules
activation of the respiratory chain increased tissue temperature
increased cellular metabolism analgesic effect
increased production of ATP increased cell membrane permeability
increased enzyme synthesis increased elasticity of collagen fibers
increased metabolism

The advantage of high power laser therapy over low level laser therapy

First of all, the opportunity to combine rapid analgesic effects (by thermal interaction) with long lasting regeneration effect (through biostimulation interaction). Classical LLLT requires numerous treatments, the effects are visible after a certain time.

  • reduction of pain (rapid effect)
  • reduction of muscle tone
  • increased flexibility of scar and periarticular soft tissues
  • biostimulation of deep tissues (more than 2cm below the skin level)
Polaris HP probes
Polaris HP probes

Indications for high power laser therapy

  • pain and inflammatory conditions of various spine sections
  • pain and arthritic conditions
  • deep muscle problems
  • warming up tissues prior to kinesiotherapy (thermal effect)


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