PhysioMG 825 zabieg magnetoterapia - wizualny wskaźnik aktywności pola
PhysioMG 825 zabieg magnetoterapia - wizualny wskaźnik aktywności pola

Magnetotherapy is a well-known physical method, however, knowledge about the influence of magnetic field on the organism is not common. Magnetotherapy influences synthesis of collagen and accelerates bone union.

Magnetotherapy – systemic effects

Magnetic field has a great impact on the human body. Method of application and magnetic field properties offer many advantages. The magnetic field penetrates freely through clothing, the plaster cast and the entire human body. The only way to change the magnetic field distribution is to put a ferromagnet, which is covered by field lines. Such ferromagnet is not a barrier for magnetic field, but it affects its distribution.

Magnetotherapy – factors affecting the human body


Magnetic field stimulates the synthesis of collagen

kolagen Collagen is the main protein of connective tissue. It has high tensile strength. It is included in the tendons. Collagen is located in the skin, which is responsible for skin elasticity and its reduction leads to the formation of wrinkles. Collagen in crystalline form fulfills the cornea. Collagen is a component of various cream types.Due to its function in the body, it is obvious to apply the magnetic field in the treatment of dislocations, sprains and tendon rupture. There are also available results of the magnetic field influence on the treatment of the eye.

It seems that large but unused application area of magnetic field influence on the synthesis of collagen is aesthetic medicine.

Increased skin elasticity caused by improved quantity and quality of collagen contained in the skin, would have a major impact on the elimination of wrinkles.

Magnetotherapy – effects of the magnetic field on the collagen synthesis

Magnetotherapy affects the growth of oxygen partial pressure

The partial pressure of oxygen is a parameter that has got the impact on how much oxygen from the inhaled air will be assimilated by the body through the exchange of air/blood in the alveoli. Growth of the oxygen partial pressure leads to an increase in the amount of oxygen in the blood. Oxygen absorption mechanism is subjected to self-regulation process, like most of the mechanisms in the human body.  oxygen partial pressure 400
It may happen that healthy people, whose body autonomous mechanisms are functioning properly, will not observe major changes, but in the case of occurring deficiencies this factor may be extremely significant.

Magnetotherapy helps to replenish calcium in bones

Osteoporosis 400 Osteoporosis is a disease leading to progressive loss of bone mass, weakening of the bone spatial structure and as a result of it, increased susceptibility to fractures. Osteoporosis occurs primarily in post-menopausal women. Magnetotherapy helps to supplement deficiencies. In this case, supplementation is an important element. It is recommended to consume large amounts of calcium. Magnetotherapy affects calcium metabolism in the human body.
There are theories that blame improperly functioning kidneys for osteoporosis, which in the wrong filtration process pass excessive amounts of calcium. Improper kidney function is associated with infectious processes with non-bacterial background. In that context it is essential to remove the cause, and only then you can count on the effects of supplementation and the influence of the magnetic field.

Magnetotherapy – effects of the magnetic field in the treatment of osteoporosis

Magnetic field is applied in treatments of nonunion


Magnetotherapy is used for the treatment of nonunion. Between 5 and 10% of fractures lead to nonunion. Reasons for delayed bone union are as follows:

  • external (trauma-related) – include: displacement of bone fragments, a considerable degree of injury to the soft tissue envelope, energy transfer at the time of trauma, fracture site infections
  • internal (associated with the patient organism experiencing trauma) – which include: the degree of mineralization and nutrition of the organism (particularly calcium and vitamins C and D)
Broken bone 400
  • iatrogenic (related to treatment or diagnosis procedures), among which there are mentioned: the administration of anticoagulants, steroids, certain anti-inflammatory drugs and radiotherapy

Nonunions may be classified according to their radiographic appearance as hypertrophic or atrophic.

  • in the case of hypertrophic nonunions, a significant amount of callus is developed, which however, does not link bone fragments
  • in cases of atrophic nonunions, a callus is not developed, and a bone tissue is resorbed

Magnetotherapy affects oxygen transportation by the hemoglobin

Hemoglobine transportation 400 Hemoglobin determined as Hb or HGB is stained red protein contained in erythrocytes. Its primary function is oxygen transportation. Oxygen molecules are attached in the lungs and they are released in the tissues. Hemoglobin contains iron Fe2+, which allows for the connection up to four oxygen molecules. Because iron is a ferromagnetic substance, an alternating magnetic field changes the way of moving hemoglobin molecules. It probably affects its responsiveness and ability to transport oxygen.

Magnetic field stimulates angiogenesis process

Angiogenesis is the process of forming new capillaries. There are studies according to which, in the tissue subjected to magnetotherapy treatment, the process of new blood vessels formation is faster than in the case of processes occurring in the body in a natural, non-stimulated way. New capillaries are formed all over the place where there is a tissue which was formed as a result of trauma. This newly formed tissue must be supplied with blood to be able to live. angiogenesis 400

Magnetic field affects vasodilation




Vasodilatation is a dilation of blood vessels due to smooth muscle relaxation. Smooth muscles are found within the walls of blood vessels. As a result of blood vessels vasodilatation, blood flow is increased due to a decrease in vascular resistance. Therefore, this mechanism decreases blood pressure. Vascular flow issues are compound. Anyway, impact on blood vessels is confirmed by the studies. One of such studies confirming the effect of magnetotherapy on blood vessels is the application of magnetotherapy in the the migraine prophylaxis . An origin of migraine symptoms is not fully explored, but according to one theory, migraine is the result of vascular disorders.

 Magnetotherapy in the migraine prophylaxis


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