Shockwave therapy – contraindications


The article describes contraindications and side effects of using radial shockwave therpay.

Due to the characteristics of the shockwave, the contraindications are divided into absolute and relative.

Shockwave theraphy – absolute contraindications

  • gestation
  • coagulation disorders
  • cancer
  • cartilage growth in children
  • demyelinating polyneuropathy
  • infectious inflammation of the tendon sheath
  • proximity of lung parenchyma in the area of application
  • acute infection of the soft tissue / bone
  • local epiphysiolusis (division or separation of the epiphyseal cartilage bone)
  • patients with pacemakers
  • brain, spinal cord, point concentration of large nerves (skull, spine, ribs)
  • advanced osteoporosis

Shockwave theraphy – relative contraindications

  • rotator cuff rupture
  • tendinitis associated with acute arthritis of shoulder joints which is secondary condition to capsular ligament instability
  • acute infection of the soft tissue / bone
  • cancer
  • local epiphysiolusis (division or separation of the epiphyseal cartialge bone)
  • blood coagulation disease and use of anticoagulants
  • locally on the lung tissue

Shockwave theraphy – side effects

  • hematomas and/or effusions, especially where high energy pulses occured (> 0,60 mj/mmq)
  • swelling
  • exacerbation of symptoms after 2 – 3 days after the shockwave therapy treatment with cryotherapy and painkillers or without

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