Kotz’ currents are used for muscle training. They are based on the average frequency current of 2.5 kHz with modulated amplitude

Parameters and wave form

Kotz’ currents are based on a sine wave with a frequency of 2.5 kHz. Kotz’ current is a bipolar current. Carrier frequency is modulated by a rectangular wave with a frequency adjustable in the range from 5Hz to 100Hz. From the basic wave form, modulation training programs are formed, often marked as PTn. Rectangular wave form modulation indicates that the slopes of “packages” are as quick as the filling sine wave.

Prądy Kotza

Kotz’ currents. Training program – 1s rise time, 3s contraction phase, 1s fall time, 8s rest phase.

Effect and application

Medium-frequency currents has got weaker influence on sensory receptors of the skin than, for example low-frequency currents. This gives you the possibility to set higher amplitude and to achieve complete muscle contraction. Medium-frequency currents penetrate deeper into the tissue due to its partially capacitive nature. Continuous current with an average frequency causes constant muscle contraction. Constant contraction leads to impaired blood circulation and muscle pain. In order to achieve a therapeutic effect (gymnastics) there is a need to apply modulation.

Kotz’ currents are used:

  • In muscle atrophy following immobilization
  • For muscle training
  • For muscle stimulation
  • To support the strength training or muscle endurance training
  • In order to improve metabolism, reduce muscle tension

Method of performing treatment

Due to the bipolar nature of this current there is no need to care about the chemical purity of the electrodes. Pads are used in order to ensure better adhesion of the electrodes and for hygienic reasons.

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