Biological interaction of the magnetic field

Pole magnetyczne — oddziaływanie biologiczne

Despite the lack of physical sensations of the magnetic field influence it affects the human organism This impact is defined as a biological effect.

Magnetic field — biological interaction

Most components of the human body tissues are diamagnetic materials. However, many structures have paramagnetic properties. External magnetic field interaction changes the energy state of tissues, which affects their biological functions.

In the body there are various important for its function compounds containing metals that act as ferromagnetic materials, such as iron-containing hemoglobin, which is responsible for blood transportation.

The magnetic field affects the substances with piezoelectric properties, causing their mechanical deformation. These include: collagen-building blocks of bones, many compound proteins, keratin, and dentine – callus formation in the case of nonunion.

The field has the impact on the cell membrane potential, it accelerates the ion exchange, simultaneously stimulating the biochemical reactions as well as reactions involving enzymes and hormones.

It improves peripheral blood circulation, increases oxygen supply to tissues as well as the oxygen partial pressure.

It changes the water physical properties, increases the gas concentration contained therein – oxygen in particular, changes the pH.

As a result of the above mentioned effects we may observe the following beneficial features:

  • Analgesic effect
  • Anti-inflammatory effect
  • Anti-oedematous effect
  • Cardiovascular stimulation (in particular peripheral vascular system)

Processes at the cellular level:

  • Ca² + penetration into cells
  • ATP activity (sodium-potassium pump of cell membranes)
  • Increased absorption of proteins
  • Increased transportation across the cell membrane
  • Stimulation of prostaglandins E creation
  • Increased DNA content
  • Acceleration of soft tissue regeneration

Magnetic field has an impact on:

  • Wound healing
  • Acceleration of bone consolidation
  • Influence on oxygen free radicals
  • Influence on the flow rate of efferent and afferent stimuli due to the influence on nerve synapses
  • Immunostimulatory effects

Advantages of the magnetic field application as a therapeutic factor

Achieved results of researches and analysis of magnetic field impact on human body confirm its effectiveness as a therapeutic agent. The physical characteristics of the magnetic field allow for its convenient application. The main advantages are:

  • Non-thermal effect
  • Possibility to perform treatments in the acute disease phase
  • Possibility to perform treatments through bandages, plaster casts, clothing
  • Possibility to perform treatments in children
  • Metal is not considered as a contraindication


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